1.Is the Procharmjewels the official website for PANDORA Jewelry?

Yes, the Procharmjewels is our official PANDORA Jewelry website which sells genuine PANDORA Jewelry directly to consumers in the United States. Unfortunately, due to the quality and popularity of PANDORA Jewelry, we have become the subject of counterfeiters. By buying from the PANDORA eSTORE you can be confident you are purchasing genuine PANDORA jewelry.

2. Where does the Procharmjewels deliver to?

The Procharmjewels currently ships to addresses within the most most countries in the world, you can find you country in the list of the shipping adress.

3. Why will I create an account in Procharmjewels US?

Creating a Procharmjewels account enhances your shopping experience and helps us expedite the ordering process for you. You can review your order history, track your order, update your newsletter preferences, and receive advanced notice of exclusive offers.

4. I’m having technical issues, what do I do?

We recommend that you use the latest version of your operating system (e.g. Windows and OSX) and browser (e.g. Safari 10, Firefox 50, Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 54). If you continue to experience issues, please contact our PANDORA Jewelry Customer Care Center.

5. How do I change details in my account?

To change details in your account, go to My Account. This will redirect to where you can change your personal information, address details, and view your orders. 

6. How do I contact PANDORA US about an in-store purchase?

If your enquiry is relating to an in-store jewelry purchase, we recommend that you contact the store directly. 

7. How can I delete my Procharmjewels US account?

We are sorry you want to delete your account. Please email our Customer Care Center and request that your Procharmjewels US account be deleted. Please ensure that you send the email from the email address linked to the Procharmjewels US account so we can verify that it is a genuine request.

8. Why does my product or gemstone look different to the image pictured on the Procharmjewels US?

The product photography displayed on our website matches the product as closely as possible. All of our jewelry is hand-finished with genuine gemstones; therefore, details such as the exact shade of color of the stone can vary slightly. This is all a part of what makes your PANDORA Jewelry unique and special.

9. If I order something that is no longer in stock what will happen to my order?

During extremely busy periods it is possible to place an order for a product which may have gone out of stock. In this case, the Procharmjewels US reserves the right to cancel your order.

10. How can I convert my US ring size in to a PANDORA ring size?

Please see the conversions below:

48 is the equivalent of 4.5

50 is the equivalent of 5

52 is the equivalent of 6

54 is the equivalent of 7

56 is the equivalent of 7.5

58 is the equivalent of 8.5

60 is the equivalent of 9

62 is the equivalent of 10

64 is the equivalent of 10.5

11. Do you accept international cards with billing address outside of the U.S?

Yes, we accept international cards with billing address outside of the U.S.